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Websites aren’t meant to be complicated or cost you the earth, especially when you’re a small to medium business who don’t need a complicated solution to advertise and sell your product.

Creative Collective is all about making things easy, so that your website can go live quickly and you can get on with running your company.

We can build it from a sketch on a piece of paper, or suggest some templates that will do the job perfectly for you. Most of the time it’s a simple solution implemented well without re-inventing the wheel that gets you online quickly and saves you money.


What We Do

We’re not a company. We’re a collective of experts who have a broad talent pool to draw from in lots of areas. Need something creative? Just ask and we can point you in the right direction.

Custom Code, From Scratch

CSS 3, HTML 5, PHP, MYSQL, AWS and lots of other acronyms we like to talk in. If it's just a twinkle in your eye, we can build it.

Template Implementation

Just starting out and don't quite know what you're after? We can recommend and implement a beautiful theme that works seamlessly, is quick to update and greatly reduces your costs.

Domain and Hosting Solutions

Domains for $30 per year, unlimited hosting and emails for $100 per year with free setup. It's about simplifying and taking the confusion out of it all for you!

Honest Advice

Sometimes you don't know what you're after and just need to chat. We're happy to have a conversation and translate all this web speak!


Our Portfolio

This is just a sample… more coming soon.


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